Requirements of clients:

  • Clients provide a health history and update when necessary, and informed consent.
  • Sessions begin and end at scheduled times.  Sessions that begin late due to the late arrival of will end at the appointed time and are full price.
  • Please be clean and showered at of arrival.
  • Sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  If the practitioner’s safety feels compromised, the session is ended immediately.

Requirements of practitioners:

  • Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.
  • I respect all clients regardless of their age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, body type, political affiliation, and personal habits.
  • Massage & Bodywork ascribes to a code of ethical behavior, which is available upon request.  I follow all of the statements in this ethical code.
  • Each session is approached mindfully and with competency, addressing the client’s specific needs for that session.
  • I keep accurate and current records and review charts before each session.
  • I perform services for which I am qualified and able to do, and will refer out to appropriate specialists when treatment is needed not within my current scope of practice.
  • Clients are always treated with unconditional positive regard, respect, and dignity.
  • I stay current with information and techniques by reading, receiving regular bodywork, and taking workshops and continuing education courses at least once per year.
  • I will be clean and showered, as well as maintain clean and safe equipment and supplies.

If you are not satisfied with the session provided, you receive a full refund for that session or a complimentary treatment.