Heather McKeithen

Heather McKeithen was born and raised in a very active military family. Through her many adventurous life experiences, she also encountered much loss and trauma. This led her to eventually seek help through traditional Western medicine. Over time, this healing modality seemed to no longer “fit”. She had an inner beckoning of “more”. Her soul craved a different method, not exactly sure what that method would eventually be, hoping to find a different outcome as the current treatments never quite seemed to “fix” whatever was needing to be fixed. She often felt she was only placing a small band aid on a very gaping wound.  She decided to seek out other methods and eventually discovered a Shamanic practitioner who opened her eyes to a whole new beautiful world of healing through a deep connection to Nature and the Spirit world! This type of healing dealt with the deeper wounds inflicted right to the core, to the actual soul trauma! From day one of working with her Shamanic practitioner, Heather has mended so many painful injuries, has become so much more empowered and in control and IN LOVE with her life, and reconnected with and strengthened her relationship with her own spirituality!

Through her experience working with a wonderful Shamanic healer, Mara Bishop of Wholespirit, Heather was eventually drawn to attain her Master Level Reiki certification and is currently apprenticing to become a Shamanic practitioner herself.

Though her life’s path will always take her to new heights, Heather is living a much more contented and peaceful existence since discovering the healing the natural world has to provide! Heather is very excited to be taking appointments offering Reiki and crystal bowl meditations to clients who are, as she was, “seeking”. 

Contact Heather at (910) 690-1762