About Us

The house was built for Virginia Thatcher in the 1960's by a famous Japanese architect and she was the only resident to live there.  She donated the house to the Southern Pines Historical Society and stated in her will that the home could not be a residence and that it may only be used as an artistic space or healing centerYou can feel it in the walls!  This is a beautiful space to come and slip away from the outside world, concerns, worries, and business of everyday life.

Meet Our Practitioners
Crystal Hedrick
 Crystal Hetrick, LMBT and Founder
Yoga Instructor & Bodywork Therapist 
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Yoga Instructors


 Yoga Instructors and Practitioners at Thatcher Healing House

Asa Stoltz
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Michelle Kaiser

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Tami Crump
 Natasha Baker, DONA 
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Tami Crump, LMBT
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To book your session or for more information, contact the practitioner of your choice directly.
Crystal Hetrick (941) 350-1175
Heather McKeithen (910) 690-1762
Asa Stoltz  (910) 303-4790
Tami Crump (704) 984-2847
Natasha Baker (214) 206-6046
Teresa Bruni (910) 420-5688